Our Veterinary Assistants


Jose has been part of the SCAH Team since February 2009. He originally came to us without any veterinarian hospital experience. Jose quickly gained experience and is now part of everything that happens here at Santa Clarita Animal Hospital. From taking vital, cleaning ears, surgical assisting and dental scaling he is your guy! Jose is a very valued member of our team.

Mario SCAHMario

Mario is one of our talented overnight caretakers. He ensures the hospital is kept in tip top shape and cares for hospitalized pets in the late hours of the night. He has been part of the SCAH Team since July 2010


Haley SCAHHaley

Haley is one of our talented Veterinary Technicians here at Santa Clarita Animal Hospital. She has been training dogs and horses for many years. Her love for all animals shines through in her work. Haley was the founder and CEO for 7 years of Tails and Scales Animal Rescue.

She is a lover and advocate of all animals, from dogs, cats, & horses to snakes, lizards and arachnids. She will fearlessly care for them all! Haley has been part of the SCAH Team since September 2016

Oscar L.

Oscar was originally new to the veterinarian field but quickly gain skills and knowledge. No matter what you need he is always there to help and assist. Taking vitals? No problem. Radiographs? He’s your guy!

Oscar C.

Oscar comes to us with over 5 years kennel experience, with movie animals no less! He enjoys working with all the dogs that come through our doors, big dogs and huskies being his favorite


Mikayla is a Pre-Vet Student at Pierce college with years of experience in the veterinary field. She grew up around all animals, dogs, cats & horses included. When she isn’t at school or work Mikayla spends her time volunteering with kids on horseback.






Gabby comes to us with 6 years of experience in the veterinary field. She graduated from Pennfoster Veterinary technician program and is working towards becoming a licensed RVT. Animals have always been a huge part of Gabby’s life. From cats and dogs to horses and livestock, animals have always played an important role




Alison comes to us with a passion for animals and a friendly smile. She may be newer to the vet field but she is already excelling. She provides treatments and care to many of our clients pets. Alison has love for all animals big and small but has a special place in her heart for rats and other pocket pets.


Lauren is a wonderful member of our technician team, coming to us with years of experience with pet stores and other animal related fields. She has a special place in her heart for all the felines, but from Kittens to Great Danes, Lauren loves them all. Lauren is making her way to the back for assistant work and is thriving! So the next time your pets come in for a visit don’t be surprised if its Lauren obtaining their vitals and providing their treatments.






Our Receptionist Donna loves hiking, animals and outdoor adventures. She believes in preserving and respecting nature and encourages others to do the same. Next time you come in for an appointment share some of your favorite hiking spots with Donna.


Stephanie’s grew up with all sorts of pets bunnies, hamsters, fish, turtles, exotic birds, horses and lots of dogs. She enjoys going on adventures hikes & traveling. Her heart belongs to all types of animals especially the ones in need.  Stephanie’s dream would be to one day have a clinic of her own while traveling the world & helping all the homeless animals in need.


Office Pets

Pedro SCAHKitty Pedro

Pedro was adopted by the clinic after his previous owners could no longer afford to treat his serious and chronic urinary tract abnormalities. He is very happy spoiled kitty. You will often find him lounging in the receptionist area on a chair, sunning on one of the lobby benches or trying to make room on our ultrasound table by knocking equipment off and out of his way.


Charlie is our resident five year old Stafford Terrier mix. He lives with us here at the hospital. During the day, his favorite place to hang out is the back office along side the doctors and manager. In the the evening, Charlie helps the night crew with activities such as pre-cleaning the floor, alerting staff to outside noises, and keeping tabs on our house cat, Pedro.


Chief is our African Grey Parrot who lives in the hospital. He was given to Dr Burkhartsmeyer after his owner of many years passed away. Anyone who visits Santa Clarita Animal Hospital has surely heard all the whistles and chirps Chief enjoys making. Along with mimicking cat & dog sounds he also likes to confuse our receptionist by mimicking our phones ringer too.