“Lucy was playing in the hillside when she stepped on a broken Glass bottle. The cut was so deep you could see her bone. (Will not post)
We rushed her to Santa Clarita Animal hospital where they received her urgently and no delay.
The staff is amazing and understanding.
The Doctors are second to none. To my surprise we took Lucy home the same night. We have 7 days of follow up for her and she is recovering quickly.
I will HIGHLY, recommend this place to anyone who needs care for our extended Family.
Lucy was dumped in our area Feb 2018. The coldest night we had in 24 years. After we captured her we realized she was abused. We took her to the local vet where they confirmed she was used as bait dog.

Her snout area was bald do to taping her so she couldn’t bight back. She had Bite and whip marks all over her body and some broken bones in her rib cage.
Needless to say this poor girl has gone through so much. She was flea and tick infested. She has trust issues with people and other dogs. However she has made great progress. I warned the staff before they got close. They didn’t even flinch and took care of her quickly without any fear. Unlike her first Vet, the staff here was will trained on how to handle cases like Lucy.

This girl is now part of my family and will never be abused again as long as we both live.”

Fernando C.~ Review Posted to Google March 2019

“Santa Clarita Animal Hospital was my veterinarian in the past but I switched to a new vet closer to home by Sand Canyon.  They are also good but it is almost impossible to get an appointment. I had an emergency situation with one of my dogs today and Santa Clarita Animal Hospital was able to get me in within a couple of hours. We saw Dr. Anh Tran and she was excellent.  We had seen her in the past as well.  She was caring, compassionate, thorough, and was able to diagnose and treat my dog and provide some much-needed relief.

Thank you for your assistance, Dr. Tran. Maisy and I appreciate it!”

Rick H.~ Review Posted to Yelp February 2019

“Everything was perfect!! No crowds or long wait and my pet was treated very well!!! I’ve always brought my dogs here!! Thanks!!!”
John H.~ Review Posted to Pet Desk April 2019

“We are satisfied with the care that was given to our beloved Max. Dr. Tran was very sweet and made us feel we could trust her with his care.!”
Marie A.~ Review Posted to Pet Desk March 2019 

“The staff is very friendly and very knowledgeable! The hospital is always clean and their customer service is fantastic!”
Ashley L.~ Review Posted to Google October 2018 

“From the front desk they treated us so well, the vets recommendations where on point my baby Toby is doing much better. You guys are great. Thank you so much!”
Sandra L.~ Review Posted to Google September 2018


Excellent care and follow through. Dr. Chang is very smart, dedicated, kind, and caring, perfect combination.”

Jane T.~ Review Posted to Google September 2018


“My husband and I, have been using Santa Clarita Animal Hospital for many years. Recently, our german shepherd had a growth, which had to be removed. Our german shepherd, Cassie, is like one of our children and we were extremely nervous due to the size of the mass. Dr. Chang is AMAZING, as well as their ENTIRE staff. She took the time to explain everything and had her staff call us the next morning, to see how Cassie was doing. It was not a small surgery and the mass was huge. Her bedside manner is wonderful and she treats ALL of the dogs, like they were her own. For a stressful experience, she and her staff were 10 stars. Thank you Dr. Chang and staff! All of you are AMAZING!”

Lynda H.~ Review Posted to Google April 2018


“I have been bringing my dog to SCAH since I got her almost 9 years ago. She has always been treated so well, with the best of care from every doctor, and now that she is nearing the end of her life they continue to treat her as if she was her own. I could not say enough amazing things about this place and ALWAYS recommend to family and friends.”

James J~ Review Posted to Pet Desk October 2018

“This team is caring and patient. We never have a problem getting an appointment. It is clean and the services are reasonable.”

Kelly H. ~ Review Posted to Yelp October 2018

Dr. Tran was very attentive to our two dogs during our visit.”

Thomas H.~ Review Posted to Pet Desk October 2018 

“My family has been taking our animals to Santa Clarita Animal Hospital for 10+ years and they have been seen by several of the vets here over the years. We adored Dr. Cueva (Dr. Walsh) – she took care of our senior dog as though he was her own, and really helped guide my family through making informed decisions during some of the hardest parts of pet ownership. She made the last few months of his life comfortable and happy, and we are so grateful! While we miss Dr. Cueva very much, we are so happy to have found another great vet at this practice in Dr. Bones! Dr. Bones is attentive, caring, and thorough in her examination of our pets. She really takes the time to listen to any and all of our concerns, and come up with a solid game plan for treatment. I would not hesitate in recommending Dr. Bones and Santa Clarita Animal Hospital”

Courtney G.~ Review Posted to Yelp January 2018


“They were extremely nice and helpful. Dr Tran called me when she said she would and was very professional and kind. The rest of the team was very helpful and welcoming as well. 5 stars from this guy.”

Jeff B.~ Reveiw Posted to Yelp September 2017


“It comes with a heavy heart that I write this review, because I recently had to make the tough decision of putting down my beloved pet of 11 years, Shabba. When we first met Dr. Bones, we received a strong sense of commitment to her patients, and her experience definitely shined during our tough time of losing a family member.  Words cannot describe the deepest gratitude I have for Dr. Bones. She is professional with a keen sense of follow up.  Although we had to make the decision of euthanizing Shabba, Dr. Bones was providing as many options until the very end. She made my family and I feel as if Shabba was her own pet. If someone were to ask me, why take your pet to this veterinary, I would tell them, “because of Veterinarians like Dr. Jessica Bones. Dr. Bones, if you’re reading this- I cannot thank you enough. Dogs, cats, and pets alike are lucky to have an advocate like you on their side. You are very much appreciated.”

Christopher G.~ Review Posted to Yelp September 2017

*In Loving Memory of Shabba* 

“Thank you so very much for your professional care of my pup Gi Gi. Her recovery was nothing short of miraculous. She is doing so well. Words simply can not convey my gratitude. Thank you Dr. Tran, you and all of the staff were fantastic.”

Jane M.~ Review Posted to Pet Desk October 2018 


“Been here twice in the last month. We have 2 dogs who have not seen a veterinarian outside of keeping vaccinations up to date.  Dr Chang is great!  Her delivery of care to our dogs and the patience she displays while educating us is exceptional. The staff are all kind and service conscious. The office is clean with a nice workflow.   The location is easy to get to and parking is sufficient.  Glad we made the choice to visit.”

Richard D.~Review Posted to Yelp August 2018

“I can’t tell you how grateful I am for the staff at the Santa Clarita animal hospital.  After letting out our dog in morning like we normally do. She came back inside with a pretty bad cut on the top of her head. We weren’t quite sure what our dog got catch on, but she definitely needed to see a vet. I drove from Riverside because I knew that I could trust Dr. Jessica Bones with our family pup. My dog is a rescue, and since we’ve had her she jumps and barks at certain people, especially men, and so taking her to the Vet is anxiety for us both. The minute we arrived to the hospital both my dog and I were greeted with a very confidante assistant that took my dog in with no problem. I’ve never seen my dog behave so well. She even jumped up with her tail wagging when Dr. Bones entered the room and was lead for preparations by a male tech, which surprised me since my dog normally wants nothing to do with males. This made me feel safe and let me know that my dog was in good hands. They quickly took her back and took care of her cut. All of the staff members were very quick, caring and attentive to my dog, even when we came in with an appointment made that day. Her stitches came out beautiful and as you can see in the pictures, she healed up very well. It was worth the drive and even for the price I had to pay for the procedure. Thank you very much Santa Clarita Animal hospital and Dr. Jessica Bones, I would definitely bring my dog back for her Vet needs!”

Chrissy A. ~Review Posted to Yelp September 2018 

“I had a great experience today taking my furry animal to the vet. Friendly staff. Now I have peace of mind knowing my dog has a yeast infections in hes ears and not ear mites.”

Issis S. R~Review Posted to Yelp August 2017