Canine Influenza Vaccine

Have you received the flu shot? What about your dog? Canine Influenza H3N2 & H3N8 can run rampant through kennels, clinics and dog parks, but can also easily be transferred dog to dog just through touching noses, sniffing each other through the fence or going for walks.

“More then 100 cases have been reported in California with clinical signs although those numbers are likely much higher. Up to 80% of dogs who catch Canine Influenza get clinical signs and about 5-10% of those require veterinary care.”
Symptoms Can Include:


*Discharge from the Nasal Cavity & Eyes


*Reduced Appetite & Energy Levels

Those symptoms can last for weeks.

Just like the flu virus in humans, puppies, seniors or dogs with compromised immune systems can cause this virus to easily turn deadly.
Dogs with the vaccine can be protected against Canine Influenza and it shortens the length of time that your dog could be contagious. That can help slow its spread during an outbreak.

Why wait to treat the symptoms when we can protect your pet before it they have a chance to catch the virus?

Call us today to schedule your pet’s first Influenza vaccine. If he or she has never had it before, they will need one additional vaccine in 3-4 weeks and then just one vaccine annually.

2 thoughts to “Canine Influenza Vaccine

  • Bill Rice

    What are the symptoms?

    • iVET360

      Hi Bill, The Symptoms for Influenza can be as followed:
      Persistent Cough, Nasal discharge, Fever, Mucus like Eye Discharge, Reduced appetite, & Lethargy


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