Early Bird Dental Special

In 2018 our annual February Dental Month Special became so popular we kept it going well into April. This year, we want to give everyone a jump start on this special to let your pet get their pearly whites in time for the holidays! Take advantage of this offer now (December 1st) through February 28th 2019 and not only will your pets breath starting smelling much better but you will also get free exams for an entire year!

  • What the Special Includes:

    * Basic Pre-Anesthetic blood work
    * Pre-Anesthetic Injections
    * Surgical Fluids
    * Anesthesia
    * Dental X-rays
    * Cleaning & Polishing
    * and Free Exams for a full year

  • The Free Exams could be for anything not just dental related.

Does not include extractions or medications to go home.
Call our office today to schedule a consultations with one of our veterinarians


Lets prefect your pets smile in time for the holidays

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