28 Jun

Should you feed your pets a grain-free diet?

I’m thrilled that pet owners these days put a lot of thought into their pets’ diets. However, unfortunately, many pet owners have fallen for convincing marketing campaigns and trust that companies (not their vets!) will tell them what’s best for their pets.

Grain-free diets are one of the latest food trends to take off in pet care circles. Because of this, many owners now assume grains in pet food are just fillers and that foods without grains are somehow healthier and more “natural.” But there are no scientific studies that support the idea that grain-free diets are better for our pets than diets with grains.

For one thing, grains are not simply fillers! They provide necessary vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. Many pet owners also believe grains are more likely to cause allergic reactions to foods, but grain allergies are very uncommon. If a pet has a food allergy, it’s most likely triggered by animal proteins like chicken, beef, fish or dairy.

Don’t let fancy marketing campaigns guilt you into thinking grains are automatically bad for your pets! A good diet is based on nutrient content, and many foods with grains are great options. Your pet’s diet is important, and if you need assistance selecting one, consult your Santa Clarita Animal Hospital veterinarian.

Dr. John Burkhartsmeyer

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