Growths & Tumors

Dogs & cats alike can get unsightly tumors or growths. They can be worrisome to the owners and bothersome to the pets. The most asked questions are “What is it? & Is it cancerous?”.
We wish that question could be answered just by looking at the growth. Unfortunately there are many different things that can cause a growth. On occasion we can give an educated guess by looking at the growth, however the only true way to know what “it” is, is by sending a sample of the mass out to the lab.

Harmless Types of Growths:

Lipoma’s or Fatty Masses.
Papilloma or Warts,
Dangerous Types of Growths:
Mast Cell Tumors,
Osteosarcoma a type of Bone Cancer,

Growths that appear suddenly or grow quickly should be brought to your veterinarians attention asap
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