Holiday Dangers

Keep your pet safe by making sure your holiday celebrations don’t pose a danger to your pets. Make sure to keep these things out of harms way, that way we can all enjoy the season!

  1. 1. Don’t feed any table scraps! Many of our holiday favorites are dangerous for our furry friends. Things like:
    Chocolate, Grapes, Raisins, Onions, Garlic & Bones are all be toxic and dangerous for your pets..  Lets face it, many pets will be mischievous and get into things on their own, therefor be sure your trash cans are secure as well
    2. Common Holiday plants can be very toxic to your pet.  Plants like Poinsettias, Lilies and Amaryllise  are all harmful when ingested. Even needles from your Christmas tree can look tasty to your pets causing vomiting as a result.
    3.Open Flames are dangerous to pets. To be safe be sure all candles are put out before leaving the house or going to bed. Curious Cats & Dogs may accidentally knock them over or get themselves burned!
    4. Unsecured Tree can pose an unexpected danger. Many cats like to climb into tree and dogs may jump on them. A tree that is left unsecured may fall over on top of your pet, children or other animals in the home causing physical harm.
    5. Strangers can be cause stress to your pets. Especially if you don’t normally have people in and out of your home. The Holiday season is the busiest time for visitors and family members to stop by. Make sure that you give your pet a safe room or space to retreat to when things get to hectic for your pet.

Above all, have fun, love your pets and enjoy this holiday season!

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