Can you Google your Pet?

With a Save This Life microchip anyone can google your pets microchip number. It allows people to send an alert that your pet has been found instantly to your cell phone.  It includes options of alerting you if your pet requires urgent medical attention.
Microchipping makes sure owners reunite with their pets faster and safer.

Generally cat owners don’t have their feline friends wear collars. This makes it difficult to ensure your kitty cat makes it back to you safety.  Implanting a microchip certainly will help your cat get back to you quickly!
While most dogs do wear collars, that still does not mean they are safe.  I.D tags contain out dated information, often be smudged or hard to read and in lots of situations fall off! Microchip your pet today to ensure your information stays with them at all times. 

For the entire month of March we are doing a Microchip Madness Special instead of $40 our microchip will be a just $29.99!
A small price to protect you pet.
Call us today about our special 661-417-0856

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