Here in Santa Clarita we’ve been getting a lot of rain. Rain can bring on muddy paw prints and messes in the house because our pampered pets don’t want to get wet. However these rains can also bring our more dangerous things like Leptosperosis & Giardia.
Both these diseases are spread through other animals urine and feces and when it rains the bacteria spreads further in the water puddles.
Both disease can cause
*Diarrhea – with or without blood in stool
*Loss of appetite
However Leptosperosis can also turn deadly
It can also cause, fever, muscle stiffness, kidney failure, anemia, & difficulty breathing.
If left untreated Lepto can become deadly for your pet.

How to prevent!
Thankfully Lepto has a vaccine! Ask your veterinarian today to help get your pet up to date.
Don’t let your pet drink from the water puddles! Pets who drink stagnant water can catch so many ailments.
Complete routine fecal tests with your veterinarian to test for Giardia and other parasites.

If you have any questions call our office today at 661-259-7387 to schedule an appointment with a veterinarian

Stay safe and dry in this stormy weather!

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