Did you know 1 in 3 pets go missing? Microchipping your pet makes sure your information is with your pet always. Collars can fall off, tags can wear down, and harnesses can get caught but a microchip is fail proof. Having your pet microchipped is quick, easy and inexpensive. A microchip is about the size of a grain of rice. A veterinary professional simply injects this chip under the skin of your pet between their shoulder blades. That chip holds a unique number just for your pet linking them to all their info. Their name, your name, your phone number and your address helping them get back to your loving arms.

Santa Clarita Animal Hospital is proud to provide Home Again Microchips A one time fee of $40 gets your chip implanted and registered. With your first year of registration you receive their extra membership services for free:

  • Emergency Medical Hotline 24/7
  • Travel Assistance for Lost Pets
  • And Lost Pets Alert

After the first year these additional membership items are $21.99 a year through Home Again.

But don’t worry, your microchip will always stay registered regardless if you want to be part of the Home Again Membership. You can update your information quick and easy online.

Oh, did we mention our Home again Microchips can also tell us your pets temperature? That’s right, if your pet is in for an annual exam a quick scan with our microchip reader will also tell us their temperature. *No more putting it where the sun don’t shine.

Call us today to schedule your pet for their microchip, or having it done during any other routine exam of vaccine appointment


*Sick pets will still need to receive a rectal temperature check as it can be more accurate.