The 9 Lies of Cats:

Lie #1 “Indoor cats are never exposed to the outdoors”

Fact: No home is sealed off from the outdoors completely. Many things travel in on our clothes, shoes or other pets. Even windows can cause exposure to the outside world. Even letting your pet just sunbath on your balcony is exposure

Lie #2Only dogs get heartworm”

Fact: As much as we would all love to believe this, it’s false. All it takes is one mosquito to give your cat heartworm. Hearworm can be deadly and is very difficult to prevent. Preventives are a much safer option for you and your cat.

Lie #3 “Litter Boxes only contain litter”

Fact: If you cat’s box isn’t cleaned daily it can have more then just kitty stools in there. Some parasites that can thrive in litter boxes can even be transferred to people, YUCK!

Lie #4 “Fido is the ONLY thing coming through the doggy door”

Fact: Many bugs & vermin can slip right in there with Fido so when your kitty hunts down that mouse, the mouse may not be all he/she catches.

Lie #5 “Shoes make a GREAT place to take naps”

Fact: Shoes are the biggest transporter of parasites. Your shoes touch everything and dirt is a prime spot for parasite eggs. So, for that reason they are not the best napping spot.

Lie #6 “Cat Carriers Protect The Cat From All Outdoor Elements”

Fact: Unfortunately a Cat Carrier does not have a magical barrier protecting your cat from outdoor harm. Even a single trip can accidentally expose your pet to fleas or other parasites

Lie #7 “A Little Dirt Never Hurt”

Fact: Many of us heard that growing up or even tell it to our children “A Little Dirt Never Hurt” well did you know 15% of store bought plants contain Roundworm eggs in their soil? So that dirt, might hurt

Lies #8 “Cats groom themselves therefore they must be clean”

Fact: Grooming is one of the biggest ways cats can get and transfer parasites to their other kitty friends, doggy friends or even you!


Lies 9# “It’s IMPOSSIBLE to get a fecal sample from my cat”

Fact:The easiest way to get a sample is to separate one kitty at a time in a room with a box and water by themselves. They may not like it much, but it’s a necessary thing to help ensure they are healthy and parasite free!

Above all else, your cat’s health is important to us.

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