A recent study shows 99% of our feline clients are not protected from fleas and ticks. This is a number that needs to be changed!

Outdoor cats are more susceptible to getting fleas due to their constant exposure. However this does not mean our indoor only cats are safe. Dog housemates that go outdoors can bring pesky fleas indoors. Cat’s that enjoy sunbathing in front of open windows and screen doors can get fleas. Fleas can even hitch a ride into your house on you or other household members. Sometimes even a trip to your vets office can cause your cat to get fleas.

Consequently unprotected cats can get Tapeworm, Bartonellosis, Flea Allergy Dermatitis, Anemia and More from fleas.
Above all FLEAS are UNCOMFORTABLE for your cat!

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Cat’s with current exams may be eligible to just pick up medications today without seeing a veterinarian

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